Health and Fitness

”HEALTH AND FITNESS” – a topic about which everybody is concerned. General health and fitness has become an increasing priority for people all over the world. Staying healthy is almost as important as staying alive, as life loses its charm without physical and mental health and fitness. In today’s life of chaos it become very difficult for anyone to think about their health and fitness. In-spite of that we take every precaution to remain fit as we all are familiar with the old saying that “health is wealth”. Remaining fit and healthy not only helps us to enjoy every moments of our life but also allows us to do something for our country in the sense that if we are healthy then we not only work at the top of our capabilities but also work efficiently and effectively leading to fewer errors. Study reveals that if we are healthy then we will also have a better framework of mind to tackle with adverse situations.To remain fit and healthy we need to follow a strict routine which not only comprises of healthy food habits but also a fixed time for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your diet is central to staying healthy. For working personnel though it become very tough to follow a strict routine but they should take every measures and try to be on the same procedure. Exercises and yoga is a magic mantra for fitness. We should do exercises regularly and avoid junk food as far as possible which is the greatest threat to our health as it is made up of things that are not suitable for our health and can cause severe diseases. It seems like everyday there is a new fitness craze sweeping the nation and all day long you are bombarded with advertisements telling you about the new greatest diet where you are guaranteed to lose weight easily.Fitness and exercise aren’t the only components to women’s health, though. Your diet is central to staying healthy. Working at a night job is really tiring and not many people are capable enough to handle it.Working at a night job is really tiring and not many people are capable enough to handle it.It is probably the most difficult thing to achieve for people working in night shifts. The body needs minimum 7 hours sleep to ensure it gets rid of all the tiredness. People working night shifts should try to sleep immediately after coming back from work. It is natural that the body won’t feel sleepy in the morning and this is something which needs to be worked on. After coming from the shift relax for a few minutes and go for a warm water bath. Have a light breakfast and read a book for sometime, the mind will automatically start feeling sleepy. Make sure the cell phones are on the silent mode and the sleeping session is not interrupted by people. This may sound very repetitive but healthy eating helps to boost a good sleeping pattern. Follow a nourishing diet and do not skip meals. Avoid consuming fast food or soft drinks as they fill the body with empty calories and lead to excessive weight gain. Eat healthy salads frequently. People should avoid indulging in heavy eating after coming home from work.

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